Pitch your way to your research grant

Online presentation training; have fun and relax while you obtain your research funding.

A new way to create a winning pitch to and score your grant.

Time and time again.

If you blow it you enter the dead-end career path of teaching and coordinating in academia.

The vast majority of researchers will never obtain a serious grant to fund their research.
7 out of 8 to be precise.

Before you start freaking out, let me tell you how to join the select group of 12% that does get a grant!

Pitch your way to your research grant

In the online training you learn

  • How you pitch so well that you get that grant, ace your conference presentations and conquer your nerves whenever you present.

  • How you convince the jury without being cocky or selling yourself.

  • How you manage your nerves and use them to focus, while looking relaxed.

  • How you have the perfect pitch, and a set of transferable skills that make you give memorable speeches, even at a weddings and funerals.

  • How to craft a great pitch for any occasion without becoming a generic cliché.

  • How you make the first ten seconds of your pitch so interesting that you grab the full attention of the jury, and even make them talk about it on their lunchbreak.

  • How your key message makes people so passionate that they will not only remember it, but also talk about it with their family at home tonight.

  • How you make your audience not only remember your name, but also talk to you after your presentation to thank you for your insights.


Online training Pitch your way to your research grant.

  • How to manage your nerves

    Make them work for you instead of against you

  • How to start your pitch

    So everyone listens and remembers you and your message

  • The golden structure of a pitch

    Convince the jury step by step

  • How to translate your expert knowledge

    Make generalists understand your research while still coming across as the expert you are

  • Stage skills, pitching is theatre

    How to own the stage while still being your authentic self

  • BONUS: Live group coaching call

    Ask me anything you need to make your pitch better

Every week, we’ll have a new module where I will share everything I know to help you get to the best pitch you can possibly deliver.

On top of this, you’ll receive:

  • Written pdf of the workshop content.
  • Template to help you implement all the content of the workshop in your own pitch.
  • Checklist for the ideal slide deck.

It does not matter:

  • Whether this is your first pitch or (possibly) your last in front of a grant jury.
  • If you are afraid of public speaking.
  • You think you suck at selling yourself and your work.

This training is not for everyone

Only participate if

  • You have the time to fully dedicate yourself to your grant pitch
  • You have a strong inner motor to work on your research pitch
  • You feel passionate about your research

Do not participate if

  • You are in doubt about a career in science. (I have coaching programs for that too.)
  • You are not that ambitious
  • You are ok with mediocrity
  • You do not have the time or the energy to dedicate yourself fully to get that grant.

What’s new about this training:

  • You don’t need to sit in a scruffy classroom for hours, while being forced to listen to arrogant strangers who frankly scare the living death out of you and your pitch.
  • You can do the training at the exact moment when YOU need it. Not when there’s time in the schedule of some old fashioned training agency.
  • You don’t need to listen to long boring lectures about pitching. A boring lecture about pitching, the sheer audacity. Who does that?! Many people, it turns out.
  • Set yourself apart from the grey masses who pitch their audience to sleep
  • You start working on YOUR pitch right away. At the end of the training you leave with a winning pitch, instead of a binder full of information you will never look at again.
  • You learn to pitch AND be yourself. You don’t need to become a show host. You can be your smart, quirky and passionate self, while making people just as passionate about your work as you are.
  • No sleazy selling, you simply show how much the world needs the research you do.
  • When you relax and have fun while pitching, it’s not even scary anymore, you just obtain grant after grant. And at the same time, you and the jury members are having a good time.
  • Last but not least; No stale coffee and cardboard biscuits.  You do the training from your own couch. Your hot coffee, your favourite cookies. You can even grab the last one, without looking impolite 😉

Beta Launch is at half price!

The regular price for these 6 weeks packed with priceless know-how to get to your grant-winning pitch is 2500 euro. But during this launch I’m giving a discount and you can get this course for only 1250 euro!