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When I was 8 , our teacher told us she had a special assignment for us. We were all going to hold our very first presentation. It should be 5 minutes long, you could choose your own subject…

I didn’t listen anymore, it was too hard to sit still after that first couple of sentences. The excitement! Now I finally got to share everything I knew about my tropical fish! With my whole class! The dream! After school I ran home to check my fish journal for stories and drawings I would be sharing. This was probably going to take a bit longer than 5 minutes 😉

I enjoyed every second of that first presentation. And although I had zero presentation skills, my joy seemed to rub off somehow. After my talk, my classmates wanted tropical fish too. My fish reproduced like maniacs, so I started selling fish in the schoolyard for 35 cents. I decided to give my customers a two week guarantee 😉

In the weeks that followed I learned that not everyone was as enthusiastic as I was about presenting in front of the class. I learned a valuable lesson about presenting right there and then.

When you are not enjoying your own presentation, your audience most definitely isn’t.

Having fun is a Very Important Part of your presentation.

So you want to have fun and relax when you present. Not only because having fun is, well, better. Also because it makes your presentation so much more convincing and memorable.

So how to feel fun while pitching? After my online training you know!

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No worries, I won’t bother you about tropical fish for too long.
Although octopi are truly fascinating! Technically speaking, they are not a fish.

Okay, it’s stronger than me, I just have to do this: An octopus is a mollusk.More specifically, it belongs to the taxonomic class Cephalopoda, along with squid and cuttlefish. Octopuses and squids are the most intelligent of all mollusks. I know, your life is so much better now you know, you’re welcome 😉

Speaking about Octopuses… When you put an octopus in a jar, it frees itself in less than two minutes. When I first saw this I just couldn’t stop showing the video to people.
It seems to have some understanding of the fact that it is in a jar, and it figures out how to unscrew the lid in no time.
An octopus has more neurons than the average dog.
If I would be a researcher, I would probably study octopuses. I could talk about octopuses all day.

My guess is that you could talk all day about your research too.
But how do you fit all your work in a winning pitch of 5 minutes?
That’s a whole different ballgame.

Guess where you learn just how to put your whole research career into a short pitch or presentation?

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Online training Pitching and Presenting

  1. How to manage your nerves

Make them work for you instead of against you

  1. How to start your pitch

So everyone listens and remembers you and your message

  1. The golden structure of a pitch

Convince the jury step by step

  1. How to translate your expert knowledge

Make generalists understand your research while still coming across as the expert you are.

  1. Stage skills, pitching is theatre

How to own the stage while still being your authentic self.

  1. BONUS: Live group coaching call: ask me anything you need to make your pitch better.


A word of warning though, this training is not for everyone.

‘Never give them the impression they actually need to work in your training’ a marketing guy told me recently. He told me to steer clear from words that indicate work, study or school in my new pitch training. So, no ‘workbook’, no ‘homework’. Even the word ‘module’ was strictly forbidden since it sounded like you might get tired in the process.

Well, I have a confession to make:
You will need to work, you will even need to work hard in this online pitchtraining.
A research grant is only for the top 12% of scientists.
It’s not for people who get scared if I mention hard work.
So, I don’t use nonsensical marketing words to mask how much work you need to do to get to your grant winning pitch. Hope you don’t mind 😉

If you are determined to get a grant, come work with me. Working will also be fun, I can promise you that, I actually combine the two 😉
Together we will work to make sure you get that grant you want.
And after you get your grant, you will still need to work again, to do the research you are so passioned about. To make the world a better place, and become a professor in the meantime. Looking forward to work with you.

Doors are open for enrollment to my best and most complete pitchtraining ever 😉 Just join the fun, and work, here

Enjoy your workday 😉


Who am I to help you get a winning pitch?

Fair question. Some answers:

  • TEDx Speakercoach
  • Has trained thousands of researchers at all relevant universities and research institutes in Europe over the last decade
  • Specialised in ERC pitches
  • Countless Veni-Vidi-Vicci winners