Diverse teams perform better

and enhance creativity and innovation within an organisation. But this does not occur by itself. Many difficulties within teams stem from differences in personalities, communication styles, interests and perspectives. The more diverse a team is, the more important it is to invest in good team communication.

The workshop offers a practical introduction to professionals who recognize the importance of collaboration and are ready to extend the range of options they can choose from in a diverse team.
• Be aware of your preferred way of communicating in a team setting
• Be attentive to what response your behaviour may cause in other team members
• See the range of options you have when the team is faced with conflict situations

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I have been working with Susanne and Maris et al for many years now, and she has never failed to deliver the promised results. The entire process runs smoothly, from brainstorming on topics, to designing, scheduling and aftercare. Overall, I consider her an extremely valuable and highly appreciated business partner and friend. She delivers her sessions with a genuine joyous energy that is inspiring, without compromising the high level quality of the session. I would definitely recommend her services to anyone.