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You have academic skills. In order to do your research you need more. You need to pitch. You need to work in a team. You already do this. Now it’s time to do it well.

Academic skills are great. But if you want to have a successful career in academia you also need other skills. Skills that have nothing to do with your qualities as a researcher. Still, without them you can forget about your scientific career. You need to pitch to get that grant. And you need smooth teamwork to make the journey from research proposal to successful publication. Scientists are often compared to top athletes, so let’s work on those peak performance skills as well. And eventually you want to be an inspiring leader, whose leadership skills go beyond the stick and the carrot.

I can help you with all of that. Over the last decade, I’ve trained thousands of researchers. They now pitch like a pro and to get that grant. Heck, they even like to work in a team. You can learn those things too. Want to know how?


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How to deal with difficult team members

Peak Performance


Meet Susanne Maris

Susanne likes to talk! Just give her a call.

Together we make a plan that works for you.


Meet Susanne Maris

Susanne likes to talk! Just give her a call.

Together we make a plan that works for you.

What clients say:

Susanne knows how develop leaders and is thoroughly enjoyable to work with too!

“I found Susanne’s methods and content refreshing in that they were grounded in sound frameworks, useful and sensitive to gender dynamics without pandering to false gender dichotomies.  Susanne’s knowledge and expertise shines through along with her jovial manner and clever facilitation of participant learning. She inspired, she informed and provided a stimulating space for our participants to explore and nurture their leadership self. She is creative as well as practical, fueling our participants ambitions while equipping them with the mindset and tools to deliver on those ambitions.

Highly recommended for any team development environment.

Working with Susanne since 2018, we have seen a stepwise improvement in team effectiveness and delivery.

Susanne Maris’ workshop on team development is essential in our program. She provides our students with personal and team insights and effective communication tools, that kickstart the teams in this challenging course and subsequently in their professional careers.

The effects of Susanne’s workshop reach far beyond the project. It’s a tool for life.

Normally it takes a while before a group of individuals becomes a team; forming, storming, norming etc. Susanne kickstarts this process, so our teams are largely done with it when they start. This gives the teams more time to work on the content.

Her genuine joyous energy is inspiring, without compromising the high level quality of the session

I have been working with Susanne and Maris et al for many years now, and she has never failed to deliver the promised results. The entire process runs smoothly, from brainstorming on topics, to designing, scheduling and aftercare. Overall, I consider her an extremely valuable and highly appreciated business partner and friend. I would definitely recommend her services to anyone.

She understands the challenges and opportunities researchers (all levels) are dealing with.

Susanne’s expertise in working in academia is extensive. This allows her to tweak and adjust her workshops to fit the needs of the participants. Also, she is keen on exploring and working with other forms of education such as online platforms, extending the learning experience of a workshop.

On one hand, her friendly and approachable personality puts people at ease. On the other, her professionalism and extensive knowledge evokes trust.

Susanne has been a wonderful trainer to work with. The programme designed and provided by Susanne in collaboration with another coach perfectly met the needs of the course participants. It consisted of a variety of activities, from presentations and talks, to individual and group exercises. At the end of each training day, the progress and outcomes have been assessed and the agenda amended to meet specific requirements of the participants.

True passion for working with people, ability to connect and understand the concerns of individuals from different backgrounds and ages were aspects that make Susanne an exceptional and versatile trainer.Therefore, I’d highly recommend Susanne and will use her services in the future.

Working with Maris at al. highly increased the quality of the pitches, they triggered full attention in the Brussels’ Parliament.

Maris et al. offered a programme which combined off-line and or online pitch training for our researchers, that was just what we needed. Researchers received quick and personal feedback to all their questions. Susanne personal involvement as a trainer made it such a positive experience.